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Television Licensable Content Service (TLCS)

For linear television channels provided on cable, satellite and the internet : Guidance Notes, Application Form & TLCS Standard Form Licence


1. These notes are for the general guidance of applicants for Television Licensable Content Service (TLCS) licences. The guidance notes provide an overview of the licensing process, the licensing requirements and the conditions that licensees are subject to, but do not purport to explain all the relevant provisions of the legislation, or give an exhaustive account of the licensing requirements or licence conditions. Applicants should seek their own legal advice for this purpose. The guidance notes cannot be taken as modifying the effect of the statutes or the conditions of the licence.

2. The guidance notes, the application form, the standard form TLCS licence and further information about the television services that Ofcom licenses can be found on the Ofcom website, www.ofcom.org.uk, under Ofcom Licensing / Television Broadcast Licensing.

3. You can contact the Ofcom Television Broadcast Licensing team by email (tv.licensing@ofcom.org.uk), phone (020 7783 4321) or fax (020 7981 3806). Please note, however, that application forms must be submitted in hard copy to:

Television Broadcast Licensing (5th Floor)
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA

General disclaimer

4. Information is supplied on a wide range of matters in this document, many of which depend on interpretation of the law. The information provided is not an exhaustive account of the statutory and licensing requirements and should not be regarded as a complete and authoritative statement of the law. Nor does any information issued by Ofcom, whether in guidance notes or elsewhere, imply any judgement by Ofcom as to commercial prospects for the licences, or that licensed services will be profitable.

5. Persons to whom these guidance notes are made available must make their own independent assessment after taking their own professional advice and making such further investigations as they deem necessary on all relevant matters. Ofcom makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to information contained in these guidance notes (together with the standard form licence and other documents referred to in this document) or with respect to any written or oral information made or to be made available to any potential applicant or its professional advisers. Any liability therefore is expressly disclaimed.

6. Please note that even if Ofcom were to grant a TLCS licence there is no guarantee that one of the satellite or cable platform providers could or would carry your service/channel. Therefore, you may like to contact one of the platform providers in the first instance to secure capacity.  There may be further costs involved with any arrangements you make with the platform providers and you would need to contact them for further information about these costs and the types of contractual obligations that may be imposed.

7. Ofcom reserves the right to alter or correct any part of this document.

The full PDF / RTF documents are available below

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If you need help with your licence please contact the Ofcom Television Broadcast Licensing team.

0300 123 3000 or 020 7981 3000

020 7981 3333

Text phone
020 7981 3043