Beacon and Repeater variations renewal 2014 to 2017

Variations authorising the establishment and use of beacons and repeaters respectively are due to expire at the end of March 2014. This notice tells you what your options are if you hold either of these variations. We shall be writing to all licensees who hold one of these variations to invite them to renew it until March 2017.

If licensees notify us that they do not wish to continue with the authorisation or if we do not hear from a licensee by the end of March, the existing variation will expire on 31st March 2014. In that case, the beacon or repeater (and any call sign assigned to it) must not be used after that date, unless or until Ofcom has formally authorised it.

Any licensee who wishes to renew the variation must let us know, by visiting

Licensees should also let us have up-to-date contact details, particularly for the purposes of closing down the beacon or repeater, if that should become necessary. We can then issue a variation that extends the existing variation for a further three years, until the end of March 2017.

Please note that if a beacon or repeater is not used (or has never been put into operation) and if its assignment is preventing us from authorising another station, then we may further vary the licence to withdraw the facility, to enable us to assign the frequency to the new applicant.

In addition to the above, licensees should note that Notice of Variations can only be issued against an Amateur Radio Licence which is both current and valid. Licences should be validated at least once every five years.

Licences can be validated online or by email to

If sending the request by email, please title your email as:

“Repeater/Beacon Call Sign GB3XXX - Licence validation” (enter call sign)