Radio Broadcast Update August 2010

Published 07|09|10

Commercial Radio 

Licences issued in this period

Licence Type Licensee Service Name/description
DSP* French Radio London Ltd. Radio Francaise de Londres / A French language music and speech commercial radio station for London, attracting listeners from both the Francophone and Francophile communities. There will be an 80:20 music to speech ratio with minimum 70% French music, including music from French ex-colonies. Speech content will be local to reflect the fact that the Francophone and Francophile communities are also Londoners. In addition, the service will promote relevant cultural activities of interest in France.
DAS** French Radio London Ltd. Text and visual ads.
RLCS*** Rainbow Christian Radio Ltd Rainbow Christian Radio / Broadcasting Christian songs and messages within the context of the African culture, in English and Akan.

*Digital Sound Programme Service
**Digital Additional Service
***Radio Licensable Content Service


Services which have ceased to be licensed (handed back or revoked) in this period

The following services are no longer licensed. The relevant licence is either:

  • No longer required by the licensee so has been handed back, or;
  • In the case of a licence covering multiple services, has been amended to remove the requirement to provide the specific service; or
  • Revoked for breach of a licence condition
Service Name Licensee Location Type of service
AFN Radio Cablecom Investments Ltd cable RLCS*
* Radio Licensable Content Service


Licence re-advertisements


Ofcom has today announced that it has re-awarded the following local FM commercial radio licences to the current licensees. The licences have been re-awarded under Ofcom's 'fast-track' process, as set out in published guidelines, and will be for a period of five years from the expiry dates of the existing licences:

Service Name Area Current Licensee
The Breeze Southampton Play Radio Ltd
Waves Radio Dundee Wave 102 Ltd
Connect FM Peterborough Lite and Connect Ltd


Licence extensions and renewals granted in this period

Four-year extensions have been granted to the following:

Licensee/Service area New expiry date
Lincs FM Group Ltd/Dearne FM 04 October 2015
North Norfolk Radio Ltd/North Norfolk Radio 09 November 2015
Alpha Radio Ltd/Star Radio North East 29 November 2015


A seven-year renewal has been granted to the following:

Licensee/Service area New expiry date
Real Radio Scotland Ltd / 96.3 Rock Radio 01 October 2017


Coverage extensions

Ofcom today announces an extension of coverage to Total Star Somerset (Bridgwater) to include the adjoining West Somerset area, by means of two relay transmitters.

The Broadcasting Act 1990 (as amended) allows Ofcom to vary local commercial radio licences in this way, providing such a variation "would not result in a significant increase of the area or locality for which the service in question is licensed to be provided".

A revised coverage map for Total Star Somerset will be published in due course

The transmitters which will provide coverage of the West Somerset area were formerly part of the local commercial radio licence for West Somerset. This licence expired on 14 August 2010.


Analogue station Format Changes

Each station has as part of its licence a 'Format', which outlines the essential nature of the service and details any specific expectations of that service.
Any changes to a Format can only be made by following the correct procedure and with the appropriate permission from Ofcom.

Kestrel FM (Basingstoke)
Published 03|09|10

Kestrel FM (Alton/Petersfield/Haslemere/Bordon)
Published 03|09|10

CFM (West Cumbria)
Published 03|09|10

Compass FM
Published 03|09|10

Rother FM
Published 03|09|10

Published 03|09|10


DAB station Format Changes

The following multiplex Format changes were agreed in this period:

Change Multiplex
Addition of Absolute Radio Extra National
Replace Galaxy with Choice FM London I
Replace Choice FM with Galaxy London III
Replace DABBL with Absolute 90s Cardiff and Newport
Remove DABBL London III
Addition of Angel Radio South Hampshire


Change of Control Reviews

Whenever a local radio licence undergoes a 'change of control' (for example, when it is sold), Ofcom is required under section 355 of the Communications Act 2003 to undertake a review of its programme output.
Specifically, Ofcom must review the likely effect of the change of control on:

  • the quality and range of programmes included in the service;
  • the character of the service; and,
  • the extent to which local material and locally-made programmes are included in the service.

When the review has been completed, Ofcom may amend the content requirements of the licence.

Published 13|08|10

The Breeze, formerly The Quay (Portsmouth)
Published 03|09|10

Community Radio  

Licences issued in this period

Service Name Licensee Location
Inspire FM House of Abraham Luton, Bedfordshire
RWS fm 103.3 Radio West Suffolk Limited Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Unity Radio North West Media Limited Manchester


Services which have ceased to be licensed (handed back or revoked) in this period

There were no licences revoked/surrendered in this period.


Licence extensions granted in this period

A five year extension has been granted to the following:

Service name Licensee Location New expiry date
ALL FM ALL FM Limited south Manchester 31/12/2015
Desi Radio The Panjabi Centre Ltd Southall, west London 31/12/2015
New Style Radio 98.7 FM Afro Caribbean Millennium Centre (ACMC) Ltd Birmingham 31/12/2015