Trial small scale DAB licensing

Ofcom is proposing to extend the trial of the small scale digital radio multiplexes for two years. This follows the success of the trial which has enabled 85 smaller radio stations, such as community radio stations, to broadcast on DAB digital radio. Ofcom wishes to continue to monitor the longer-term performance of this approach, while we develop a framework to enable services to be licensed throughout the UK on a non-trial basis.

There are 10 small scale trial digital radio multiplexes around the UK, and their licences were awarded in June 2015 for a nine-month period.

Ofcom would like to extend the ten trial licences for a maximum of a further two years, and will now begin the licence variation process with the individual multiplex licensees. We will keep the trial under review, given our longer-term programme of work around licensing, but do not intend to award any additional trial multiplex licences.

Below you will find documents relating to the ongoing small scale DAB multiplex trials, including previous application documents, and a statement setting out the reasons for the award of ten trial licences. If you have any questions, please contact